Lodha Bellissimo, Mumbai

Lodha Bellissimo, Mumbai

Lodha Bellissimo, Bombay

Lodha Bellissimo, Mumbai


10 responses to “Lodha Bellissimo, Mumbai

  1. ur all design of buildings r topo from other. nothing has done by u. pls try 2 give ur own desinn & concept.
    this is good 4 u…………….
    ok bye
    khoda hafiz…………

  2. Peter Chiang

    Showing computer images is one thing and actually completing it is another. First complete these projects, then brag about your Mumbai. Till then you remain a third world slum town

  3. hey
    Peter Chiang
    do u know any thing about india ????
    if u dont dont comment…this century is of india…
    get the fuck out of here….
    developed country ke bhadve….

  4. Genevieve Corus

    wow….how gorgeous….who is the architect ?

  5. The next century belongs to India. Architecture is the way they can best make that statement. Please, refrain from profanity…

  6. Dipak the great

    Peter Chiang is absolutely right…people there don’t know to stand in line also.

  7. yes, peter chiang is right,
    to draw a picture is possible to anyone. just like a dream.Its not a big muscle. But to bring it into reality is different. then men need big brain and energy instead of big mouth, like we think about new cars forgetting the lack of roads. we need to know that in infra structure India is behind poor african nation. Indians first build house and then road. It should be quit otherwise. So wise people shut their mouth and bring into reality. big mouth means a complete distruction. empty barrel makes noice1!!! Stupid , isnt it?

  8. balasubramanian

    hey peter what the fuck do u think of urself???? shut ur bloody asshole nd fuck off u bastard..

  9. balasubramanian


  10. Bhenchodo, Maa Chudao…

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