Sheth Beaumonde Mumbai

Sheth Beaumonde, Mumbai, India


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  1. ashveer basdew (south africa)

    wow it amazing for indian tourism.

  2. City is sure growing up to be another Shanghai soon!

  3. This looks great from a helicoper’s perspective in the sky, but it appears that a human being on the ground is going to stare mostly right into cement slabs of the first floor level. There is no retail, no cafes, nothing to capture the eye and bare no-man zones around the sides of the buildings that are going to become derelict and unsafe soon after the building is opened. The architects and planners should learn lessons from the hideous, isolated apartment blocks that were built in New York, where I live, around New York University that suck the life out of the formerly vibrant blocks downtown. People start to avoid walking down the sidewalk if it is bordered by a dark empty space, such as that around parts of these buildings and then they become dangerous and neglected.

  4. for a present third world country, india surely is showing positive signs of development.trini 4 life

  5. I keep seeing artists’ drawings of what Mumbai would look like, for years. When is India ever going to actually do it?

  6. sa imi scrii daca ai primit?

  7. wow…. mumbai real statae are boooooming……..

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